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Cuban Christmas


Enjoy nine free recipes for a Cuban Christmas Feast including Roast Pork, Congri, Caramel Flan, Christmas Cookies and Cuban Egg Nog!

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Traditional Cuban Christmas

"Noche Buena" Recipes


Cuban Noche Buena

Cuban roast pork is marinated overnight and cooked until it falls off the bone, congri rice and yuca with mojo.


Caramel Flan

Caramel flan is a very traditional Cuban dessert that is so velvety sweet and served for Christmas Eve.


Crema de Vie

This traditional Cuban eggnog is made with sweetened condensed milk, eggs, rum and star anise. So good!


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I'm a Cuban blogger living in Miami and celebrating Latin food and family traditions on my blog. Stop by and savor Latin food, culture and family connection.


Savoring Cuban Food and Family Connection

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