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brunch toast

Breakfast Toast is the Best Way To Start Your Day!

These easy-to-make breakfast toasts are perfect for a quick weekday breakfast or a lazy Saturday morning brunch! If you’re still messing around with butter and jam, it’s time you kicked it up a notch and tried one of these fun breakfast toasts.

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steak skewers

Steak Skewers With Peruvian-Style Marinade… So Good!

You’ve got to try these Peruvian-style steak skewers for your next barbecue! Tender sirloin tidbits, lightly charred and bursting with flavor, smothered with a zesty pepper sauce and placed on a bed of fried potato slices… it’s just a party waiting to happen! 

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Cuban Style Tasajo Made With Dry Cured Beef Is So Good!

Tasajo is made from jerked beef that’s stewed in a tomato-based sauce with lots of peppers and onions. I love this dish! Every time I have a bite of Mami’s tasajo, it brings me back to the Formica dining table in our old duplex in Westchester, one of the most Latin neighborhoods in Miami (outside of Little Havana and Hialeah, of course). What I love about this dish is the saltiness and the texture.

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Cuban red beans and rice

I love Smokey Arroz Congri, (Cuban Red Beans and Rice)

I love, love arroz congri made with red beans, Spanish chorizo and salt pork. There are different variations on this dish, but what I love about Cuban red beans and rice is the smoky, salty, flavors of cured meats mixed with cumin and oregano. It’s perfect with chicken, beef, and pork. 

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